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Zona Norte in Tijuana is one of the largest red-light districts in North America. The girls and young women in this area are particularly susceptible to forced prostitution, trafficking across borders, and drug cartel violence. It is imperative that International Sanctuary has a strong presence in Tijuana that offers hope to those escaping trafficking and those trying to avoid it altogether. 

International Sanctuary has built a strong foundation for the Tijuana Sanctuary. This includes developing strong partnerships with local organizations, onboarding staff, and teaching jewelry skills to participants. Today preventative efforts are still taking place in local orphanages, as orphans are highly vulnerable to grooming for human trafficking.

The trauma of trafficking leaves long-lasting effects on a survivor. Physical pain, mental anguish, difficulty developing or maintaining relationships, and a lack of direction are common repercussions of living through the trauma of being trafficked. The road to restoration is difficult and long, but it is possible with the dedication of a loving, supportive community.




Through a safe, loving workplace community, girls and women escaping human trafficking gain economic freedom, access to education, quality healthcare, and a place to belong.



“Many of the participants we work with in Mexico have experienced trauma in many different areas of their lives, whether that be being deported, trafficked, or abused. It is amazing and so inspiring to witness the resiliency of each woman that walks through International Sanctuary Tijuana's doors. They teach me something new about life and what it means to persevere despite life's circumstances. I feel honored to know them."

— Tijuana Sanctuary Director




When you donate to International Sanctuary you are directly
contributing to our Sanctuary in Tijuana.