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THE support center SANCTUARY

The Support Center Sanctuary meets the needs of survivors who have achieved a level of stability and are ready for independent living. Having graduated from most services, these survivors further increase their professional skills through paid internships in our headquarters alongside International Sanctuary staff. As participants finish their internships, they are ready to launch into the careers of their choosing, confident in both their abilities and the value of their contributions to the workforce.

  • For survivors who have achieved stability and independence

  • Regular employment through paid internships

  • Opportunities for long term employment within International Sanctuary for graduates

  • Greater responsibility and higher expectations of skill level

  • Work alongside International Sanctuary staff at our Support Center


Our fifth Sanctuary opened its doors in March 2019. Participants at this Sanctuary are those who are accessing crisis services and are in need of a short term, intensive program to prepare them for long-term employment. This program ensures the participants have stability and a steady income as they begin the process of healing and reintegrating into the community. Developed in response to a request from the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, this location works closely with OC victim services providers in the earliest stages of recovery. This creates another layer of care while offering opportunities for sensitive employment in a safe, supportive workplace community.

  • For survivors with short term, emergency services needs

  • Part-time flexible employment

  • Involves close partnerships with case management and victim services

  • Focuses on soft skills development and basic professional development

  • Secure and confidential location

  • 6 month duration


Using our proven model of providing meaningful employment through International Sanctuary’s social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry, and partnering with local victims services and anti-trafficking leaders, International Sanctuary offers two different Sanctuary programs for survivors of human trafficking in Southern California. The goal of both US Sanctuary programs is to build resiliency of survivors by empowering them to move toward reintegration. Understanding the complexity of the healing process, each Sanctuary focuses on meeting the needs of survivors at every step of their journey.


Through a safe, loving workplace community, girls and women escaping human trafficking gain economic freedom, access to education, quality healthcare, and a place to belong.


When you donate to International Sanctuary you are directly
contributing to our Sanctuaries in Orange County.