January 31, 2018

As we settle into 2018, we wanted to look back over 2017 and embrace the progress that was made in the fight against human trafficking - progress that your support made possible! 

1. Bringing Freedom to Uganda

International Sanctuary welcomed its first cohort of girls in Africa last year. After just 3 months of dedication, learning, and hard work, girls in the Uganda Sanctuary were producing sellable jewelry and generating revenue.

2. Hope is Alive in Mexico! Our Sanctuary in Tijuana, Mexico has grown through anti-trafficking partnerships and financial support, giving plenty of hope to women escaping exploitation and encouragement to the local community.

3. From Victim to Lawyer! One of our courageous young women who rebuilt her life in the Mumbai Sanctuary completed her third year of law school and will soon be a legal advocate and representative for victims of human trafficking in India.

4. Caps & Gowns in California! Two young women graduated from our Professional Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking (POST) program which provides training and skills for future employment opportunities.

A Decade of Achieving the Impossible

In September, International Sanctuary celebrated 10 years of working with young women and girls escaping human trafficking. Hundreds of lives have been transformed over the last decade and we look forward to another year of celebrating hope.

We are looking forward to many new accomplishments in 2018. Thank you for your support. Join us this year in reaching even more young women escaping human trafficking. Together we can bring hope, dignity and freedom. 

Lindsey Malcolm