October 30, 2015

At first, “beauty that outweighs ugly” may sound like an outward, superficial beauty. That is not what I'm referring to here.  This is not beauty that is visible to the eye. I'm talking about the beauty of a soul.  It's the beauty of a woman that has suffered at the hands of another and whose soul is blossoming, regardless of past circumstances. The ugly that I'm referring to is not outward either.   I'm referring to the ugliness of Human Trafficking. 

iSanctuary has boldly stepped into this issue and is shedding light on this ugly truth that is happening worldwide, as well as right here in the U.S.  Through iSanctuary, I've learned not to judge.  Now if I see a woman walking the street that appears to be a prostitute, I send up a word of prayer for her instead; with an understanding that most likely her life circumstances have been unspeakable.

 I love that the women iSanctuary serves are learning to make beautiful things with their hands, especially after having suffered at the hands of another.  They begin to embrace community and are learning to trust again. PURPOSE Jewelry is making a difference in these women as they learn to sustain themselves and rebuild their lives on different principles.  Principles that say they are valued, they are beautiful and they are loved. 

I sell PURPOSE Jewelry at my hair salon, A Place of Our Own. It not only brightens up the space, it opens up a conversation.  Many people are unaware of this issue and how much it is growing. It gives me the opportunity to tell the girls’ stories one jewel at a time.  With their signature on the tag, it makes it personal. I feel I know these women and am very proud of their accomplishments. 

You may not have a place of business where you can sell PURPOSE, but you can support them by having your own trunk show.  By doing so, you too can shed light on the ugly truth of Human Trafficking and give a voice to the beautiful girls iSanctuary serve. 

Contributed by: Debbie Jackobs, owner of A Place of Our Own Salon

For information on how you can host your own trunk show, please contact Jackie Wong at or call (949) 752-7788. 

Alexandra Badie