July 08, 2015

PURPOSE Jewelry is beautifully handcrafted, providing a young woman rescued from modern-day slavery with a paycheck that she earned. PURPOSE is much more than just a product; it allows young women to become navigators of life. It is an opportunity to dream of life beyond the Sanctuary. Each young woman learns more than how to craft the latest in fashion jewelry, she learns necessary job skills that are marketable beyond the jewelry trade.

After a girl is rescued from trafficking, developing skills to earn an income is critical. If a young woman cannot develop skills to become financially independent, the likelihood of re-exploitation is very high. Without financial independence, survivors have limited options to establish sustainable, positive futures after they are rescued.  

For survivors, earning income with PURPOSE Jewelry is bridging the gap between rescue and independence. Yet beyond the product, iSanctuary is creating and facilitating new opportunities for young women to gain professional experience and reinforce their education.

iSanctuary’s new comprehensive program, The Academy, provides young women with a platform to develop other professional skills including office administration, hospitality, inventory management, sales, events, and more. As the young women learn to dream about and articulate their aspirations, The Academy will help them gain the skills needed to make those dreams a reality.

iSanctuary chooses to stand in the gap and provide young women with financial independence and skills to create the future they choose. The purchase of PURPOSE Jewelry provides a paycheck, and a financial gift to The Academy fashions them to become navigators of life.

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Written by: Alexis Miller, Development and Fundraising Coordinator

Alexandra Badie