January 11, 2019

Recently, a young woman entered our doors in Orange County seeking help after escaping from her captors. Years of trauma were evident in her eyes and spirit. However, while she was physically free, her mind was still caged. In our eleven years fighting human trafficking, we have found that escaping is just the beginning of freedom.

Healing from trauma is a multi-year process with two steps forward and one step back. Frustrating, painful, difficult, hopeful, and joyful, the journey is long but worth every moment. That’s why we at International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry focus on holistic care, providing community, education, job training and a path forward to our participants who all have their own stories. Financial independence, hope, dignity and freedom give these women and girls a future and the knowledge that they can take care of themselves and and strive for independence.

Millions of women around the world do not know that the doors to their future are just waiting to be opened. Facing the difficulties of severe poverty, illiteracy and cultural devaluation, leaves them more susceptible to being exploited and re-exploited by traffickers. When International Sanctuary entered the fight, we found a gap between the assistance given to women in aftercare homes and reintegration into the workplace. We work to fill that gap by providing a loving workplace where women enter a community of trust, encouragement and empowerment.

At a first glance, our program provides steady income for women to support themselves and their families. However, it’s the incorporation of education, health and community that sustains our mission to empower girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.

We walk along these individuals on their journey offering help, not handouts, because empowerment is about knowing that you have the efficacy to care for take care of yourself.

When you support International Sanctuary, you help open the doors for women and girls around the world.

Lindsey Malcolm