November 06, 2017

We are actively seeking volunteers this holiday season, so if you and your friends are looking for a place to serve, International Sanctuary has a meaningful opportunity for you! Whether you are local to Orange County and can volunteer time to come into the Sanctuary Support Center or if you’re willing to open your Facebook page to host a virtual trunk show, when you come away from your experience, you will have made a tremendous impact in the fight against human trafficking. That is how powerful our volunteers are!

It could not be easier to take a stand against human trafficking - International Sanctuary will provide you with everything you need to be successful, such as hands-on training at our office or emailing you everything needed to showcase PURPOSE Jewelry to your network on Instagram. All you need to do to make a difference in the life of girls escaping human trafficking is show up!

If you, your friends, or social group would like to spend some time with International Sanctuary, signing up is easy - just click here!

International Sanctuary was happy to welcome a team of volunteers through CarMax Cares, the charitable foundation of the used car retailer giant. Sara, a CarMax employee and International Sanctuary volunteer, shared her thoughts about her most recent volunteer experience:

I choose to volunteer with International Sanctuary not only for the great cause they support, but because you can truly feel the sincerity from all of the people involved in the program. Even though I’ve never met a girl enrolled in the program, I feel a connection with all of them by seeing their hand made jewelry and signed tags and I know that I am directly involved in someone else’s life, thousands of miles away. Being a part of an organization that is so dedicated to changing the world and helping women is a great feeling.

While volunteering, my coworkers and I organized, counted, and inspected jewelry for quality.  It was a great experience bonding with coworkers while supporting PURPOSE Jewelry and International Sanctuary. After we finished up our volunteer time at the office, my coworkers all said how they would love to volunteer again and most of them had already started a wish list of the jewelry they wanted to purchase.

Volunteering with International Sanctuary has always been a fun experience, from helping around the office to going out and actually selling the jewelry at different events, it has given me the opportunity to connect with other great causes and people. This program opened my eyes to the world of human trafficking and I have been able to share my knowledge with friends and family.

If you’d like to host a trunk show (online or in your home), email

Alexandra Badie