November 22, 2017

For many families, Thanksgiving is a celebration built on traditions. Whether it’s Grandmother’s dressing, the family Turkey Trot, or all of the cousins packing up the leftovers and heading out for the Black Friday early bird specials, the anticipation and joy that comes with each ritual is a great way to kick off the Holiday Season.

Some of the International Sanctuary staff and volunteers shared their favorite Thanksgiving traditions:

“Our family goes around the table and we all say one thing that so are very thankful for in that year.”

“My mom and grandma always have a glass of sparkling wine with raspberries the night before while cooking!”

“My family immigrated from China to the U.S., so Thanksgiving for us means the whole family getting together to cook - everyone bringing their favorite recipes and we all create unique, Chinese dishes. Last year, I made the turkey and, instead of traditional stuffing, we filled it with rice and veggies. It was so good!”

“I grew up overseas, so we would always invite other military members over to our house for Thanksgiving, especially those who had just arrived and their families hadn’t come over yet.”

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but at the heart of it lies family, love, and peace, the very things our girls are discovering within the walls of our Sanctuaries around the world. It is not uncommon for these young women to share meals together and bond over the joys and struggles of everyday life. For some who did not have family or friends before International Sanctuary, they now have a safe, loving community where they belong.

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Alexandra Badie