July 17, 2018

Great progress has been made in the Uganda Sanctuary over the past quarter!20 women escaping human trafficking are employed full-time in a safe, loving environment. They continue to enhance their skills. All women are eligible for promotion in July! 



Mary was honored for her Heart to Serve by International Sanctuary this month. One day, the ladies were sitting around the table working on beading and chatting about life. One of the original women started to poke fun at one of the newer women at the table who was struggling with the task. Mary immediately jumped in and defended her, "I remember when we all started. We were so bad. These new ones are faster learners than us, and they are doing so well!" Her ability to see how far each and every woman (including herself) has grown in the program, as well as step in to ensure unity remained within the group warmed all of our hearts.

Lindsey Malcolm