March 20, 2017

The first day of anything is always exciting, full of possibilities and exciting unknowns, but the first day of spring is a little bit brighter. New life, new colors, new opportunities - spring is full of hope!

This spring is filled with even more anticipation for those of us involved in the fight against trafficking - we are opening our doors in Kampala, Uganda! By coming alongside our partner Willow International, we are going to be able to serve survivors in a powerful way with economic and social empowerment services.

Our hope is anchored in each survivor’s God-given value. Our goal is to help these girls embrace their identity and worth and go on to live in true freedom. With your help, we will succeed!

Imagine, though, this new season from a survivor’s perspective: This spring, she’ll have the opportunity to spend her days in a safe, healing environment where she’ll have role models and positive authority figures who are personally dedicated to her  professional well-being. This spring, she will learn new skills and have meaningful employment, a regular paycheck, and a path to financial independence. She will meet other survivors and learn to build trust - she will develop friendships rooted in encouragement and love. This spring, she will find hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

How can we not be excited? We invite you to join us on this journey where you will change lives - it’s a long road, but it is so incredibly rewarding. Click here to Bring Freedom to Uganda.

Alexandra Badie