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Sex trafficking in Uganda is a growing crisis. With unemployment at 83%, girls are trapped in extreme poverty and are easily tricked into human trafficking. International Sanctuary recognizes the importance that employment and education play in breaking this cycle. 

International Sanctuary is working in collaboration with Willow International, a non-profit that provides holistic care for survivors, in order to give these young women a full range of care. These organizations share a goal to empower victims to heal from trauma and graduate into a life of freedom. 

Focusing on ending the cycle of poverty and trafficking through employment, International Sanctuary is creating opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency and empowerment for survivors. 




Through a safe, loving workplace community, girls and women escaping human trafficking gain economic freedom, access to education, quality healthcare, and a place to belong.


“Freedom is important because everyone should have the right, resources, and safety to be exactly who they are, to pursue the dreams and goals that are important to them and make them feel alive.”

— Uganda Sanctuary Director




When you donate to International Sanctuary, you are directly
contributing to our Sanctuary in Kampala.