September 08, 2014
On to Bigger & Better for iSanctuary India!

After searching for over nine months, iSanctuary has found a new sanctuary center in Mumbai! Doubling in space it will act as our office, workshop, and headquarters. As we are expanding and growing, we need more space to train young women and create our handmade jewelry. It took a lot of patience and a miracle to find the new space, as it seemed impossible to find a location that would fit our needs. Everyone is excited to have a little bit more room and a more professional looking office. The commute to work will now only take everyone 15-20 minutes, instead of taking about an hour.

Moving in general is a challenging thing to do. Most people dread the packing and unpacking. Moving in Mumbai is probably 100 times more challenging. We started the moving process with a great plan: creating inventories, packing the boxes with labels, and location at the new office; but all that planning went out the window when we were told we had to move before the renovation of the new center was completely finished.


Imagine for a moment you’re in a small room with about 4 moving guys throwing random stuff in boxes while 5 other people are trying to organize the items that need to be packed and another mover is trying to tear down some of the furniture (including a wall). Add to that 95 degree weather, with a heat index of 106. Then two more movers walk in and tell you that they have to unplug the air conditioner so they can pack it. Chaotic atmosphere is an understatement. Unpacking will certainly be an adventure!

Despite the move not going according to plan, it went pretty fast. The packers and movers sure know how to pack up and unload boxes quickly. It’s been about a month since the move and everything is still in boxes waiting for the furniture, shelving and cupboards to be built. But we aren’t letting that stop us! We are persevering! The ladies are still working on creating jewelry even if that means having to sit on the floor to do it. Some have brought materials home so they can work from home.

Being flexible and persevering are just two things that one must learn in order to survive running a business (and living) in Mumbai. We are preparing for a big shipment to go to the U.S. full of the new Spring/Summer 2014 Line, while also planning for a couple sale events in Mumbai. Stay tuned for pictures of our new office once it is all set up!


- Written By: Alex Anderson, iSanctuary, Operations Coordinator, Mumbai, India 

Alexandra Badie