September 08, 2014



1.   1. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

2.   2. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

The 4th of July celebrates true freedom. We celebrate more than the act of living free from imprisonment; we celebrate our ability to live freely, to have the right as Americans to act, speak, and think as we want without hindrance or restraint. For former slaves, for girls and women who were formerly held captive, who were controlled by everything they said, did, or thought, the journey to obtain this freedom is not easy.

When a girl is released from captivity, she is free; however, she will not live freely. The ability to live life without restraint must be relearned. Just as she was broken, beaten, and damaged so severely until she succumbed to the control of her perpetrator, she must learn that she is now the one in control. At iSanctuary, the patience required in reminding survivors that their voice, choice, and decisions are valued and powerful are the small steps it takes to lead these young women to ultimate freedom. They must learn that their voice, choice, thoughts, desires, and words, are what determines their lives.

There is nothing more frustrating and saddening than to see a young woman who is locked in the bondage of this cycle. A woman who continues to live life as though she is trapped and doesn’t believe she has the power to make decisions for herself. This woman does not experience true freedom, as she is always looking for direction outside of herself.

But for the young woman that finally achieves true freedom, who learns she can speak, think, and act as she desires, the transformation is truly beautiful! As she has said herself, “I’m a new woman.”

-Written By: Wendy Dailey, iSanctuary Co-Founder

Alexandra Badie