May 10, 2018

At 9am, the doors of the Sanctuary in Kampala, Uganda open and Charlotte* is one of the first women to enter. Work does not begin until 10am, but Charlotte arrives early every morning to sweep, gather materials, and complete small jobs that ensure everyone begins work on time. No one has ever asked Charlotte to do this.

When we understood what it takes for Charlotte to get to the Sanctuary an hour early, her heart for service became clear. Living nearly an hour away from the Sanctuary, her morning begins early enough to get herself and her children out of bed, dressed, and fed in time to catch public transportation to her children’s school. Once her kids are settled, she takes another public transport to the Sanctuary. Charlotte gives her full attention to her work until 5pm, then she cleans her station and begins the long journey home, collecting her children on the way. At home, her work resumes; she helps her children with homework, provides financial support for her parents, and helps her siblings follow their own dreams of education and opportunity.

There are so many wonderful outcomes from our long-term, holistic program, but the most important may be the multi-generational impact it offers. Because women have meaningful employment, stable income, and a safe community to heal, they are able to provide for their families in ways that were once out of reach.

International Sanctuary is honored to work alongside amazing women like Charlotte. Moms fill our organization, from top to bottom, as employees, artisans, and volunteers, and we are undeniably better for it.

If you’d like to honor a special Mom in your life, consider giving a donation in her name. Still looking for a perfect gift? PURPOSE Jewelry just released the ever-popular Jasmine Necklace in a brand new color - blush! - for Mother’s Day. When you partner with us, you’re supporting women escaping human trafficking around the world and providing them with meaningful change that can last generations. Mom would be proud.

*Name changed to protect identity

Lindsey Malcolm