May 01, 2018

She closed her eyes, made a wish, and blew out the candles on her very first birthday cake. Carmen* was now 22 and enjoying a birthday party for the very first time in her life.

International Sanctuary believes every life is precious, so birthdays present a great opportunity to celebrate a single individual for who they are. But imagine going your entire life without anyone to sing while you smiled and waited to blow out the candles.

One of the most powerful and healing tools we can offer in our Sanctuaries is a safe, loving community. For many of our participants, their sanctuary sisters are the first real sense of family and belonging they have. As they learn to trust and help each other, they begin to live life together: celebrating birthdays and promotions, encouraging each other in relationships and parenting, supporting one another on bad days.

Whether you sign up to become a monthly sponsor $25 a month or purchase PURPOSE Jewelry, you are making life transformations possible.

Did you know the PURPOSE Jewelry Hope Line consists of introductory pieces made by new artisans? These bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are proof that new beginnings alive and well in the Sanctuaries. When you wear the Olivia Earrings, maybe you’ll think of the growth in our Uganda Sanctuary:

"When we first started making Olivia earrings, everyone was terrible at them and got really frustrated. I saved everyone's first attempt in a little bag with their names attached. After we'd been making them successfully for several days, I returned the first attempt bags and everyone had a good laugh at how bad the first ones were. We asked what they learned and a few drew lessons about how it's important to keep with something, even when it’s difficult."
-Emily, our Program Coordinator in Uganda

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*Name changed to protect identity

Lindsey Malcolm